Dear Every Photographer On Facebook (you know who you are),

We all know Fall is coming. We know the leaves will turn yellow and the landscape will light up. This isn't our first trip around the sun. So stop posting pictures of last autumn, or your best photo from 4 Falls ago when you caught the trees at their prime, because I'm watching you people. All you photogs that live in the mountains need to inform the rest of us when the trees start turning so we can make plans to get up there. When we scroll across amazing landscapes of quaking gold from last year, well, you're just throwing us off. All of you. Stop that. 


Chomping At The Bit


I'm feeling an impending sense of doom. My insides are shaking, even while my outside looks perfectly calm. I could jump out of my skin at any moment. The slightest thing might make me burst into a wrenching wail, and I'm not sure I'd be able to stop. 

I was told yesterday that I am laid off from my job; a job I've been at for 20 years. A job I loved. 

A former boss of mine, who never sleeps & constantly works at Mach speed, heard about the layoff & already has me set up to apply for an opening with one of his consulting clients. On the surface this sounds like a good thing. I won't be out of work for long. It's tough out there. People stay unemployed for months; years! So yes, this is good. But it's too much. I haven't even wrapped my head around leaving my beloved teammates, much less diving into new tasks at a new place with new people, and possibly trying to sell a house and move to a new city so I don't have to commute 2.5 hrs one-way a couple times a week. It's too much. I'm not a whirlwind kind of person. I lean more toward slow & steady and this just might break me.  

A Day in the Life

1.  I drove over to Garden of the Gods early this morning and sat at my favorite overlook where I took this picture, ran it through Snapseed & PicLab HD apps and posted it to Instagram.

2.  Came back home. Let the cat out. Ate some peeps. Checked out the portfolios of some new and previous Caldecott award winners. (I loved this video by the illustrator of Journey, one of the 2014 Honor books)

3.  Faced a dilemma. It was lunchtime & I was hungry. I was also really sleepy. (Waking up at 5:30 am on the weekends, like I do on weekdays, is disheartening.) Clouds have moved in making the light soft and cozy for napping. To eat, or to sleep? That is the question.

4. A ringing phone woke me up from my nap. I threw together a tuna sandwich and returned the call to a friend. After making plans to meet up later, I settle in with my lunch and binge-watch Word Travels on Hulu (still adjusting to my switch from cable to antenna/AppleTv).

5. I hear thunder; the first of the year. It's raining. It's snowing.  It's rowing or maybe snaining.  I'd love to just stay home & do some cleaning, but I need to get ready to leave.

6. Visited with a friend. Grabbed some pizza on my way home. Watched some network tv & ended the day with a few photos of a beautiful sunset.

And there we have it. My fairly uneventful day.  How was your Sunday?

CD Books

I've been listening to books on CD in the car lately. It's great to have someone read me stories while I'm driving. It keeps me alert and entertained, so it's a good thing. Until the narrator starts stuttering and stammering and skipping words altogether right when something exciting is about to happen in the story.

I get my CD books from the library, so it's possible that hundreds of people have listened before me. People who clearly use the CDs as coasters in a pinch, or maybe as a frisbee for their chihuahua. Babies, who are distracted from crying by the shiny coating, scrape their little fingernails across the surface and test it out on their brand new tooth before tossing it across the room so they can get back to what's important – crying.

Normally I power through the skips and try to piece together missed parts from context. Only once have the skips been so bad that I needed to give up altogether & return it to the library unheard.

Recently I've noticed mp3 books on the shelves, which are brilliant. They won't scratch and skip no matter how many people take them home. But you can't listen to these over the car stereo, so...for the time being, I'll be stuck listening to stories recorded onto people's snack plates.

Just say no

Waiting in line at Barnes & Noble today, I picked up a book on the table near the checkout & flipped through it. It was about overcoming procrastination. It seemed to have some interesting, practical steps, and it was on sale, so I bought it. No time like the present, I always say. (Kidding)

Next time I'm standing in line, I'm hoping I'll find a book on combating impulse buying. 

Hemmed in

3:07 am. Can't sleep, so I'm laying here checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Pressing in hard on my right shoulder is a dreaming dog.  The cat's curled up at my left. Wish I could get a picture, but if I move, they'll move. Starting to feel a smidge claustrophobic.

Ok then...back to my tossing & turning. 


Parents who love their kids and are proud of them.

Parents who spam your Facebook newsfeed with every scribbled drawing and every "cute" saying their child utters every minute of every day. 

It's just a good thing there was no internet when I was raising my daughter. People would've been so sick of me.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

The horses are back. The cute rancher is back. Add a puppy and you have one sweet commercial. (I still like last year's better, though.)

So, what do you think? Will the guy & girl get together next year? I'm thinking yes.